16 Aug

Monie Hackshaw is far more than just a hair stylist; she is a beauty visionary. At the helm of M&M Beauty Salon in White Marsh Mall, Nottingham, MD, her skilled hands have sculpted beauty and confidence, one hair at a time. With a love for hair that expands into trichology, Monie has become a reliable name in hair loss treatment.
Her love affair with beauty began at the tender age of 8, braiding box braids for her dolls. As she grew older, her passion extended to styling her hair, then her family's and friends'. It was during her teenage years that Monie recognized her calling to pursue beauty as a career.
A proud graduate of Baltimore Studio of Hair Design at 19, Monie quickly became a licensed cosmetologist. She joined the Hair Cuttery with enthusiasm, managing it for 2 years and serving for 7. During this time, she became certified in Mizani, Redken color, and Design Essentials product lines.

Yearning for a team atmosphere and a chance to make an impact, Monie transitioned to booth renting, working independently. Reflecting on her teenage dreams of owning a spa, she now channels that vision into a hair and scalp spa. Her dreams are blossoming into reality as she readies to expand her suite into a salon and hair clinic.
Her educational journey didn't stop, and over the past 5 years, Monie has added certifications as a senior cosmetologist, hair care specialist, hair practitioner, and trichologist, with expertise in Olaplex, Bosley, XTC, and more.

Monie's approach isn't limited to hair; her interests in nutrition, wellness, and fitness shape her holistic perspective on beauty. Whether visiting her salon or following her online, you'll encounter a loving, humble, and well-educated guide to transformation.
With a globetrotter's soul, Monie's travel experiences add a worldly flair to her work. Her journeys, from bustling cities to serene landscapes, infuse her creations with an international essence.

Monie's passion for life and her commitment to growing her salon and clinic stand out. Her goals extend beyond business expansion to nurturing a balanced life for herself and her team.
Outside the salon, Monie's culinary talents mirror her creativity with hair, as she delights in cooking and baking. Her blog stands as a testimony to her vibrant life, filled with passion, imagination, and an infectious zeal. Join Monie's journey through style, wellness, and the essence of living itself.

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