Seeing is believing, and we can't wait for you to witness the transformative power of our hair regrowth treatments. Featured here are real results from one of our dedicated clients. On the left, you'll see their condition at the first visit, and on the right, marvel at the progress made just 5 months into treatment. We take immense pride in these life-changing journeys and can't wait for you to start yours. With M&M Beauty Salon, your fuller, healthier hair is within reach. Book a consultation today to begin your own success story.

Scalp Treatments

Is an itchy, flaky, or troubled scalp getting in the way of your hair goals? Our clinic specializes in advanced scalp care that addresses the root issues for long-lasting relief and health. Led by Monie Hackshaw, our team uses cutting-edge methods like Hydro Microdermabrasion and Radio Frequency Scalp Therapy to rejuvenate your scalp environment. From dandruff to more severe conditions, we’ve got a personalized plan for you. Say goodbye to scalp woes and hello to a refreshed, healthier you! Reach out now for a consultation and let's set the stage for vibrant hair growth.